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Sometimes people think everything is more expensive when you are self-employed and making an average middle-class income, however when it comes to benefits, that is not always true.  I believe every person has a very unique situation and with that said, with every unique situation you need innovative ideas to help them save money and have the benefits they desire.  Each and every person has a different health status and income base of which will either help them qualify for subsidies from the ACA (Obamacare) plans or not.  

When it comes to choosing a health plan, individuals need to consider all options with regard to income and personal health conditions.  If an individual has a medical condition that is pre-existing such as diabetes or heart disease, lung disease, ext., they truly need to consider the ACA.  If an individual is healthy and doesn’t have a health condition of which to worry about in the present, the plans I’m about to discuss will be very interesting to you!

How would you like a fifty percent discount on your health insurance and receive better benefits with lower deductibles and out of pocket limits?  If you are healthy and have been paying ACA premiums with no subsidy, this is especially for you!    

Short term medical plans offer lower deductibles, and co-pays to primary care doctors, as well as co-pays for specialist and prescriptions drugs! Short term medical plans also use the largest networks of physicians and hospitals in the country allowing you to have control of your own healthcare at a price you can afford!

Short Term Medical offers up to three years of coverage without rewrites and typically end when ACA starts, so if at any time you end up not being able to renew after the three-year period, due to a severe diagnosis, you can jump right back on the ACA plan without question.

Why pay more when you can pay less?  Check out National General’s Short term medical plans on our website and get a quote today! You will be glad you did!!


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