Critical Illness / Mortgage Protection

The number one reason for bankruptcy in this country is medical expenses.  A simple open-heart surgery can cost upwards of $120,000.00 not to mention the time it takes to heal and get back to normal everyday activities.  It could be months before an individual returns to full work status, which means loss of income for quite some time, for most people.

Critical Illness insurance pays immediate cash benefit to the insured for being diagnosed with any of the following conditions: Heart Attack, Stroke, Cancer, Open-Heart Surgery, and End Stage Kidney Failure. 

The cash benefit is chosen by each individual ranging anywhere between $10,000 to $100,000 in up-front TAX-FREE benefit payable the second an insured individual is diagnosed.  I’m sure you would sleep more soundly knowing that you had thousands of dollars in the bank after being diagnosed with one of these dreadful diseases.  

With cash benefits like the ones Critical Illness policies provide, you can rest assure that your mortgage will be paid, and you will not lose everything you worked so hard to have.  

The best part about Critical illness insurance, is that it is very affordable and most anyone can fit the premium into their budget.  Premiums start in the $20 dollar range per month on average and go up accordingly to how much benefit you wish to purchase.

Please don’t plan to fail by failing to plan!  Like always, there is no better time than now to protect yourself, cause the minute you have one of these issues arise, you will not be eligible.  

Contact us for a customized plan to fit your individual needs!


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