Paycheck Protection

Salary continuation plans can make sure that when you are unable to make an income, due to an accident or an illness, that you will be paid the cash benefit you need to survive.  

Your number one asset in this world is your ability to earn money, without that where would you be?  How long could you make it without your income?  

Fact: people have a better chance of being knocked out of the work force before 65 than death.  

Which means that everyone should think very seriously about having a plan of protection in place.  A plan to cover those expenses such as mortgage, rent, utilities, food and anything else that you need to survive. 

Salary continuation plans can save you from going financially bankrupt and losing all the many things you worked for your whole life.  Most people think it will cost a fortune, but really it only cost an hour of pay per week to protect up to 65 percent of your income.  

Ask yourself, is it worth an hour worth of pay to protect 65 percent of your paycheck?

Then again, ask yourself, can you afford not to have a salary continuation plan?

The best part is, since you pay your premiums with after taxed money, the benefit you receive is tax-free! 

Accidents happen all the time as well as sickness especially now with Covid-19 running rampant.  Don’t wait until you are sick or injured, by that time it is too late.  Remember, it is always best to buy protection when you are young and healthy.  The plan benefits can be adjusted as income changes occur throughout your career.  I’ve always said it is best to have it and not need it, then to need it and not have it.  

Like any product of protection, it is always best to talk to a professional about your individual situation so that you can have a personal plan of protection built especially for you and your needs.  Feel free to use Illinois Mutual link on our website to get a quick quote if you would like to view pricing, but like I previously stated, it is always best to have a consultation before purchasing a salary continuation plan.  


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