Affordable Health Insurance

People today are faced with slim choices when it comes to health care due to the ACA law also known as Obamacare. 

Since the enacting of the Affordable Care Act, premiums for health insurance have skyrocketed by 400% from what the premiums were in the early 2000’s.  The ACA will provide subsidies only to lower income individuals which make around 30-40 thousand per year especially with dependents.  In most cases the subsidy will make the programs more affordable, however, the programs are mostly very high deductibles with very high out of pocket cost.  Also, if you are a tobacco user, you don’t even have the same opportunity to purchase the same types of plans as a non-tobacco user. 

If you are self-employed and make more than 40 thousand per year, you are forced to pay full price and trust me when I say it’s expensive, it is expensive!  

Good news is: if you are healthy and don’t have pre-existing conditions to worry about and do not qualify for any of the subsidies for the lower wage individuals, or you are a tobacco user, you now have many options for Affordable health Insurance with drug coverage and co-pays outside of ACA.

Also, always remember that health insurance policies are unilateral contracts, which means that the policy holder can cancel at any time they choose, even if it’s an ACA plan.  Just because you have to enroll during open enrollment, doesn’t mean you have to stay in it any longer than you wish.

Today there are numerous plans for individuals to choose from that offer comprehensive coverage for much lower prices and have better benefits than the ACA plans.  These plans have much lower deductible options and much lower out of pocket cost which will save even more money for the individuals that choose them as alternative options.  

These plans are called Short-Term Major Medical plans.  The name really doesn’t do it justice, but due to ACA, it was the only way that the private insurers could build a platform to bring affordable health care to the nation!  These plans offer continued coverage for up to three years per policy and are typically 50-60% cheaper than Obamacare! 

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