I believe that each and every person secretly fear the word “Cancer”.  In most cases people do not even wish to speak on it, due to it being such a nasty condition.  

Cancer can strike anyone at any given time. Young, old, sick, healthy, smoker or nonsmoker, we are all susceptible to the disease.  

Many people think that just because they have health insurance that they will be fine and will have all the desired methods of treatment available and will be financially okay, however, this is not true!  Although health insurance covers a wide range of treatments, there are many hidden costs associated with the treatment of cancer.  

Hidden costs come in the form of loss of wages, travel expenses, and prescription medication costs.  Some treatments can only be done in treatment facilities over hundreds of miles away from your home.  Travel expenses can add up due to the fact you may have to visit the facility more than a few times before remission or alternative end becomes a reality.  In most cases the average American will not be able to financially afford the treatments necessary for them to recover due to the fact they can’t afford the travel and hotel accommodations as well as the added prescription cost due to the disease and the annual out of pocket maximums with the current health plan of choice which could be upwards of $5000 annually, not including the premiums for the plan.

It is always better to have protection and not need it, than to need protection and not have it!

Cancer plans protect you and your family from the high costs associated with cancer and makes sure that you and your family can focus on what is most important, which is recovery and being with the ones they love without having the stress of worrying about the costs!! 

Cancer plans pay the policy owner tax-free cash benefits for diagnosis and treatments, hospital confinement, travel and lodging expenses along with donor expenses and travel as well. The tax-free cash can be used in whatever way the client chooses.  Keep in mind that when you are being treated for cancer you are usually not working and making any profits.  I implore everyone to seek a private cancer plan that pays tax-free cash benefits to the insured.  

Cancer plans are typically less than $50 dollars per month.  The question everyone should ask themselves is: Can I afford not to have a cancer plan?

Contact us to learn more about cancer plans and what they can do for you and your family.


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